ISM Solutions: experienced industrial electricians who provide preventative maintenance services using thermal imaging.

Thermal Imaging

Image: Thermal ImagingThermal Imaging is used to find things that are going to fail. Generally components get hot before they fail. It could be a circuit board that needs replacing or bearings running at high load. Once our certified infrared thermographers have identified the hot spots we put a preventative maintenance plan in place to get things fixed before they cost you a lot more money in downtime. That’s Super Vision.

PAT Testing

Image: PAT TestingPortable appliance testing is one of the most topical issues for business and institutional organisations. Electrical equipment must conform to special testing requirements to ensure the safety of your plant, staff and customers. We have the technical skills and equipment to test your appliances quickly and efficiently so you can get the green light.

Industrial Electricians

Image: Industrial ElectriciansWe’ve been in business for more than 25 years. We are commercial electrical technicians and members of the Electrical Contractors Association New Zealand (ECANZ). We know about how industrial plants work, we understand what you expect. We’re experienced in working in large paper, printing, food and manufacturing plants. We get things done with minimal interruptions.

Electronic Servicing

Image: Electronic ServicingElectronics control almost all, significant machinery in industrial settings. We have a team of experienced electronic engineering staff that will ensure any repairs, or new programming is carried out efficiently and synchronized with your requirements.